Columbus Ohio Veterinarians


Your very own veterinarian in Columbus.  Look to us for all of your pet needs.  We love your pets as much as anyone could.  No matter what age your dog is, they should have a checkup every year to ensure they have a long and healthy/happy life.  Both dogs and cats require annual checkups, no matter their age.

Pet Boarding

Columbus-OH-Veterinary-Leonberger-300x200.jpgWhen you go away from home, leave your pet with us.  We have the facilities, and the desire, to make your pet very happy.  Both dogs and cats need a place to stay.  Make sure to bring your dog in to have an interview.  We like to keep our pets connected to each other, and some dogs don’t really work out.  We like to know this before you bring your pet in for the weekend.

Pet Grooming

We can keep your pet looking their very best.  No need to have a shabby dog.  No matter what kind of dog you have, we can take care of them.  Our professional groomer can to a complete summer shave down, or a nice trim.  Let us know how you want to go with the look of your pet.  You can even bring in a picture.  We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Pet Training

Train your dog or puppy early and you’ll enjoy a long lifetime of care and compassion.  Our training facilities will teach them more than just how to do tricks like sit, stay and come.  We teach them how to behave, and get along with people and other pets.

Doggie Day Care

Your dog needs attention during the day.  Leave them with us to take care of while you go make a living.  We will pamper them the same way you would want them pampered.  Local Pet

Here is a cheetah and a dog playing at the zoo.